Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shifter - Book A Truck

Shifter a transport portal offering online truck booking service. It is great resource for those who are looking to hire a mini truck or a lorry. It is online portal as well as on the app to book now online for part load or full load a vehicle or lorry as per your specifications. The Shifter has now merged with the Lets Transport to transform the transportation and logistics sector in India.

Users and clients can now estimate the price for a lorry booking or hiring a mini truck in India. Shifter is a Bangalore, Karnataka, India based company and offering door to door pickup and delivery services which is reliable and cost effective. One can email and call the company @ @ +91-8861244288.

You might have few frequently asked questions or FAQs regarding the transportation and shifting procedure by the Shifter and common questions like How to get part load or full load, how to secure a lorry for goods transport service, how to pay? what about driver services? what are the professional services, how the services will be charged and how does this system work etc. You can explore the website to know about various general questions.

General pricing of the company include booking charges of Rs. 300 for first three kilometers, Rs. 15 charges per km after 3km and Rs. 2 per minute after 30 minutes.

The whole working process of Shifter is simple and its starts with online truck booking and then drivers receive notifications followed by intelligent matching of drivers and booking, confirmation message to the customer with driver details and driver reaches the pick spot of customer and along with this gps tracking starts unloading is done at destination followed by pay with cash or online payment.

One can connect to the Shifter through social media pages at Twitter or Facebook.

Have a happy Online Truck Booking.

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