Friday, March 25, 2016

Truck Booking App

Truck booking apps - With the changing time and technology, people are now searching for on the go mobile apps for android mobiles or iPhone. More and more online truck booking service provider companies are now offering the iPhone or android apps for their transport queries.

Why people are looking for the Truck Booking App?
There are many options to use, while, contacting the transport companies. One may call directly to the company for transport or load related query or one may email or ask for quotation through website of the company. In addition to this now with omnipresence of the smartphone, one can also use the android application or iPhone application to contact the trucking companies. One can use such application on the go and those who need the service frequently would definitely like to install such applications on their mobile phones.
Truck Booking Apps
Truck Booking Apps On Google Play Store

How many Truck booking companies are having their mobile apps?
If you will go through the Google Play store for the android phone applications. There, you can search for large number of mobile apps for transport and truck booking. Same is the case with AppStore.

How to install the mobile apps?
You just need to login to the Play store or AppStore and search for relevant mobile apps and just click on the install button to have that mobile application on your smartphone.

Can you name a few mobile apps available on the Google Play store?
Though it is not a comprehensive list but here are few as available on the Google Play Store:

  • GoGo Truck by
  • Porter - Hire Trucks in India by
  • FindMyShipper by
  • Trukky - Instant Truck Booking by
  • Moovo - Hire Trucks in India by
  • Cargoji Driver and CargoJi - Book a Mini Truck by
  • AhaMove by
  • FreightBazaar by
  • TruckRentz - Truck Rental India by
  • TheMover by
  • GooLorry by

If you have come across any other useful application in this category of transportation then let us know by commenting here.

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